What We Do

With over 25 years of experience in the welding inspection and nondestructive testing fields we pride ourselves in the excellence of service and the relationships we have built up over the years. The majority of our business comes through word of mouth, which says a lot about the satisfaction of our customers.

Our staff are fully trained and experienced in both the commercial and marine industries. Most of our business focuses on:

  • Welding inspection
  • Welding processes
  • Welding engineering
  • Underwater welding
  • Regulatory compliance
  • ISO standards consulting



We have strong ties to regulatory bodies in the entire Gulf Coast area and are able to give you advice on how to ensure that all your fleet and equipment is fully compliant. This alone has saved our clients significant amounts of money in fines and mandatory inspection downtime.

These days there is ever increasing scrutiny on environmental factors and because of the nature of many Gulf Coast marine industries (e.g. oil, gas, fishing) there can be serious consequences of non-compliance. We can provide full environmental impact studies for your projects and advise on where you can improve your processes, materials and techniques.


Process Improvement

welderBecause of our extensive experience in the welding industry we work with lots of pipe fitters and ironworkers to improve processes and productivity. We can even offer training to your staff specifically tailored to a job or project.


Nondestructive Testing

We are one of the most sought after service providers of nondestructive testing because of the extensive training that our welding engineers have gone through. This type of testing is essential in marine industries as well as offshore platforms and pipelines.

For example, we can have a team of welders fully equipped come to your site and boat location and do a full inspection of hull thickness using our high tech ultrasonic equipment. This equipment allows us to determine issues especially below the waterline, without having to dry-dock your boat.

Upon completion of inspection you will receive a full report outlining our findings as well as recommended improvements based on urgency. If you do not have a maintenance crew of your own we can immediately arrange for our own staff to start with the repair work, saving you the time to hire a separate company.

This is something that most of our clients appreciate the most, as it can often result in delays in getting an experienced company to be available at short notice.


Full Offshore Service

While we do service the entire Gulf coast area, most of our staff are located in Alabama. For all offshore work we are able to source our own transportation and can arrange to meet you at very short notice. For emergency situations or serious regulatory compliance issues we recommend contacting us through our contact page immediately.

With one of our specialties being underwater welding we are able to fix most issues immediately, or at least make a vessel safe in order to bring it back to port. All our welders have full and up to date welding certification, which means we are able to provide all the latest technologies available.

Our Welding Team

Over the past 25+ years of our existence our team has grown and expanded into so much more than just a welding inspection service. When I set up this company I was a lone certified welding inspector with two employees who were certified welders. I love reminiscing about those days when we had to take each day at a time, trying to establish ourselves as a trusted company.

Things have drastically changed and we now have a team of 18 welders with various levels of education and specialty. To give you an idea, here are just some of the job titles in our team:

  • Certified welder
  • Certified welding inspector
  • Welding engineer
  • Certified underwater welder
  • Underwater welding engineer
  • Certified welding instructor


Education and Training

All of our staff members have gone through extensive welding and college education to get to where they are today. As part of our employment package we encourage all our staff to not only focus on regular re-certification, but also on signing up for additional courses including college, which we fully pay for.


This has resulted in probably the most highly educated and trained marine welding and engineering company in the entire gulf coast area. And this is something we greatly pride ourselves in, as it makes us stand out from the rest of the competition. It also happens to be one of the primary reasons why our customers are so loyal to us.

In order to expand our services in the marine welding area we have spent a lot of time and effort hiring and training people with full underwater welding qualifications. These courses are extremely complex and demanding, but we have now managed to build up our team with 3 fully certified underwater welders.



The careers of our employees are very important to us from a management point of view and while some people may think that providing all this training and education could result in us losing employees to other companies, we are happy to say that we have an extremely low staff turnover rate. In the last 5 years we have seen only 2 employees leave, with one of them just coming back to us after spending 4 years in the military.

For more information on the types of welding training courses we are signed up for you can get more detailed information at www.careerwelder.com which covers extensive details on specific welding certification programs.


Health and Safety


In addition to all the welding related training we also have monthly courses on health and safety that go beyond the OSHA requirements. The nature of our industry comes with some pretty high risks and the safety of our employees and customers is our absolute priority at all times.

Using highly explosive materials underwater, or on pipelines containing flammable materials can quickly lead to disasters and devastation to human life. With the exception of a few minor injuries we are happy to say that we have not had any major incident involving serious injury or death.

We firmly believe that this is due to our rigorous and continuous health and safety training which is mandatory for all our employees. We also highlight any major accidents in our industry to showcase to our staff what can happen and what the exact risks are.



All our customers are more than welcome to review the certifications of all our staff prior to contracting us for work. We always encourage this with our customers, as this does give a certain level of peace of mind that the work will be done to the highest standard and in a safe way that reduces risks as much as possible.

Nondestructive Welding Testing Methods

Welding is an excellent method of joining together different metals in order to create complex items that can resist to large forces. On the other hand, this procedure can sometimes generate disasters, as you can never know whether you’ve done a solid job or not. If you cut through the welding line in order to test its strength, you won’t get anywhere, as you are going to destroy the welded part. This is why you have to make use of nondestructive welding testing methods, so that you can have the peace of mind you’ve done a great job.

Nondestructive examination is used in many industries and activities such as forensic engineering, mechanical engineering, aeronautical engineering and electrical engineering.




Most nondestructive welding testing methods use X-rays, ultrasounds or other types of penetrating radiation. Ultrasonic testing, for instance, works by comparing the subject of the test against a bulk sample which is known to be free from internal flaws. If the pattern is different, it means there’s a problem with the welding line or point. In addition, some methods involve the use of fluorescent or non-fluorescent liquids to emphasize fatigue cracks or other flaws.

Electrochemical methods are also very effective for detecting progressive damage via electrochemical fatigue crack sensors. This is how such cracks can be discovered long before they become dangerous.

Spectral analysis is another nondestructive method for testing metals. However, most spectrometers require a small sample to be cut from the main item and polished in a special manner, in order to provide accurate results. If cutting a sample isn’t possible, this type of analysis requires a portable spectrometer. These machines have a special mobile probe that can be used to generate an electric arc in a pure argon atmosphere. This electric discharge blasts a superficial layer of the metal, decomposing it in its elements. The sensors in the machine are able to convert each wavelength into the corresponding chemical element. This is how you can know the chemical composition of the welding material without having to destroy the part.


It is very important to discover all such material flaws before they cause an accident. Hydroelectric plants, for instance, use huge turbines that generate electricity through their rotation movement. The turbines and the diaphragms have many small elements welded together on the main frame. If a welding line or point cracks and fails, the resulting fragments are going to be propelled at impressive speeds inside the turbine, thus causing major damage. These accidents can kill everyone around the unit, so they have to be avoided at all costs.

Nondestructive testing is implemented today in many production processes, as it increases the safety levels and it reduces the costs. It’s much cheaper to invest in good NDE equipment and technique rather than destroying the parts in order to analyze the material flaws. Sometimes, cutting the part isn’t possible without destroying it, so ultrasonic testing, spectroscopy and electrochemical methods have to be considered as the only possible methods of knowing there are no hidden flaws that could cause major damage.

Flame Resistant Cotton

The fabric that has today become so preferred in work environments around the globe under the name of flame immune cotton is really a trademarked fabric by Westex, Inc. as INDURA. As the name suggests, flame resistant cotton is actually flame resistant to a high degree as well as can be safely made use of in workplaces where there is a threat of flash fires and in position where welding is done fairly conspicuously.

Flame resistant cotton or INDURA is a material that is specifically made by treating cotton with a flame resistant surface spray. The product is 100 % cotton, and not cotton blended with other synthetic fibers. The material stays completely cotton, and just the coating offered on its surface area offers it with the fire resistant formula.

Nonetheless, the established material, called INDURA Ultra Soft is likewise a range of flame resistant cotton that is combined with artificial nylon. INDURA Ultra Soft includes 88 % of cotton with 12 % of high tenacity nylon. INDURA Ultra Soft has a lot more flame resistant properties because of the existence of nylon in it, however it is not 100 % flame resistant cotton. Both INDURA and also INDURA Ultra Soft maintain the uniqueness of cotton, i.e. porosity and lightness of weight. Therefore, they are favored as workwear in position where a lot of manual labor as well as fire dangers are included.

How does fire resistant cotton really help in protecting the employee? Does it never ignite? Well, the flame resistant cotton aids by opposing the fires. As a result, the textile takes a longer time to ignite compared to various other typical fires. Likewise, if the textile contains high tenacity nylon in it, after that it will certainly act as an insulator. This indicates that the fabric will certainly maintain the person shielded, to an extent, from the external heats. Flame immune cotton is made as though it will certainly not preserve flames. So, if you could eliminate the garment from the area of fire, after that the flames will certainly snuff out virtually as quickly as the contact is damaged.

You will certainly discover fire resistant cotton in lots of work uniforms that are utilized in workplaces around the globe. Firemen utilize total coveralls, therefore do individuals working in glass heaters and also welding industries. It aids them to be safeguarded from fires, heats and also unintentional fires. In addition to the coveralls, there are bib overalls made from flame immune cotton which are also incredibly preferred. Various other garments created for the work environment that make use of flame immune cotton are jackets, t-shirts, laboratory layers, trousers, hoods, etc

These been available in a selection of colors and also stitches. For this reason, individuals who are trying to find flame immune workwear made from cotton product need not endanger on design and also style. Additionally, they can be customized in a number of means. The design and number of pockets could be altered, and also logo designs can be stitched onto the workwear, or silk testing can be done. Most producers will customize your flame immune cotton workwear to ensure that they become a proper part and parcel of your office.

On-line retailers provide a significant collection of workwear attires made out of the greatest grade of fire immune cotton. You will additionally discover several of the largest names in the business, and also exactly what’s even more … you could also obtain your uniforms customized for you in whichever method you order.

We extensively make use of these products for our whole team of welding professionals.

Eye Protective Selection Is Important In The Workplace

Personal protective equipment for the eyes as well as face is designed to prevent or minimize the severity of injuries to workers. Every company should assess the workplace as well as figure out if hazards that need using eye and/or face protection are present or are likely to be present before appointing a specific sort of personal protective equipment to employees. We take this very seriously

A threat evaluation should determine the risk of exposure to eye and face, including those which may be run into in an emergency situation. Employers need to recognize the possibility of multiple as well as simultaneous threats of direct exposures as well as be prepared to protect against the highest level of each threat.

Dangers could fall into 5 categories:

  1. Influence (Flying objects such as large chips, fragments, bits, sand, as well as dust. Generated by damaging, grinding, machining, masonry work, wood working, sawing, drilling, chiseling, powered fastening, riveting, as well as sanding.).
  2. Heat (Anything emitting extreme heat. Created by furnace procedures, pouring, casting, very hot dipping, as well as welding.).
  3. Chemicals (Splash, fumes, vapors, as well as bothersome mists. Generated by acid and chemical handling, degreasing, plating, and collaborating with blood.).
  4. Dirt (Dangerous Dust.Produced by woodworking, buffing, and general dirty conditions.).
  5. Optical Radiation (Radiant power, glow, and extreme lightProduced by welding, torch-cutting, brazing, soldering, as well as laser job.).

Most influence injuries arise from flying or falling objects, or triggers striking the eye. A lot of these objects are smaller sized than a pin head and can cause major injury such as punctures, abrasions, as well as contusions.

DSCN4339While working in an unsafe area where the worker is exposed to flying things, pieces, and bits, primary safety gadgets such as safety and security spectacles with side shields or safety glasses must be worn. Additional protective devices such as face guards are called for along with key protective tools during severe exposure to influence risks. Individual protective devices instances are:.

  • Eyeglasses – Primary protectors intended to protect the eyes from a selection of effect risks.
  • Safety glasses – Main protectors intended to protect the eyes versus flying fragments, things, big chips, and particles.
  • Face Shields – Additional protectors planned to secure the whole face versus exposure to influence threats.

Warmth injuries might strike the eye and face when employees are revealed to high temperatures, splashes of liquified steel, or warm triggers. Safeguard your eyes from warmth when work procedures include pouring, casting, very hot dipping, heater operations, and also other comparable tasks. Burns to eye and also face tissue are the primary issue when working with heat threats.

Dealing with heat hazards requires eye protection such as goggles or safety eyeglasses with special-purpose lenses and side guards. Nevertheless, lots of warmth risk exposures require using a face shield along with safety and security spectacles or safety glasses. When choosing PPE, take into consideration the resource and also intensity of the heat and also the sort of sprinkles that may occur in the office. Personal protective equipment examples are:.

  • Spectacles – Main protectors planned to secure the eyes from a selection of heat risks.
  • Safety glasses – Key guards planned to protect the eyes versus a selection of heat dangers.
  • Face Shields – Additional guards planned to protect the whole face versus direct exposure to heats, splash from molten steel, as well as very hot sparks.

A huge percentage of eye injuries are brought on by straight contact with chemicals. These injuries frequently arise from an improper choice of individual protective tools, that allows a chemical material to get in from around or under protective eye devices. Serious and permanent harm could happen when chemical drugs get in touch with the eyes in the form of sprinkle, mists, vapors, or fumes. When collaborating with or around chemicals, it is very important to know the place of unexpected emergency eyewash terminals and how you can access them with limited vision.

file9751344548347When matched as well as worn properly, safety glasses shield your eyes from harmful drugs. A face guard may be called for in locations where workers are subjected to serious chemical threats.
Safety glasses – Primary protectors intended to shield the eyes against liquid or chemical dash, irritating hazes, vapors, and fumes.
Face Shields – Second guards intended to secure the whole face against direct exposure to chemical risks.

Dust exists in the workplace throughout operations such as woodworking and buffing. Working in a dusty environment could causes eye injuries and provides additional hazards to call lens wearers.

Either eyecup or cover-type safety goggles must be put on when dirt is present. Safety goggles are the only effective sort of eye protection from problem dust since they produce a protective seal around the eyes.
Goggles – Key protectors meant to safeguard the eyes versus a selection of airborne bits and also dangerous dirt.

Laser job and similar operations develop extreme focus of heat, ultraviolet, infrared, and also mirrored light radiation. A laser beam of light, of enough power, could create intensities higher than those experienced when looking straight at the sunlight. Vulnerable laser exposure could cause eye injuries consisting of retinal burns, cataracts, and permanent blindness. When lasers create clear ultraviolet, or various other radiation, both employees as well as site visitors ought to make use of ideal eye protection whatsoever times.

Figure out the maximum power thickness, or strength, lasers generate when workers are subjected to laser beams. Based upon this expertise, pick lenses that shield against the optimum strength. The variety of laser security need to depend upon the lasers being used and the operating conditions. Employees with exposure to laser light beams should be supplied appropriate laser security.

When picking filter lenses, begin with a shade too dark to see the welding area. After that attempt lighter shades until one permits an enough perspective of the welding zone without going here the minimum protective shade.

Hazards must be dealt with as well as appropriate procedures be taken. In a lot of cases dangers could put together, personal safety tools should be chosen to protect all workers in the work environment. Individual protective equipment must be viewed as a last hope when all various other attempts at risk control have failed.

Aluminum Extrusion – A Revolution In The Aluminum Industry

Aluminum Extrusion

A procedure whereby aluminum is forced into a customizeded die and also leads to a consistent sample that uses all the structures of steel. Aluminum is utilized in various markets as it is just one of the most versatile and also readily offered metals on earth. The benefits of using aluminum to create goods prevails – it is lightweight yet quite strong and resilient, it is an excellent thermal conductor– both to dissipate as well as attract heat, it can conduct electrical energy, it is quickly machinable and malleable, very difficult to wear away and also the costs have been unbelievably reduced! All these aspects reveal the virtues of aluminum both for the manufacturer and the consumer.

Source: Flickr

Aluminum extrusion has transformed the aluminum industry for numerous reasons; it has actually removed the restrictions that held lots of layouts back. Making use of a die implies that any sort of aluminum form can be produced to the developers exact specs with no loss of consistent cross section and also stress in the steel. The ideas that made use of in aluminum extrusion are economical and also they have a long life, which makes them extremely affordable for the maker.

Making use of a die additionally means that there is no extra machining involved in the procedure which can cause added waste and costs, similarly there is no need for fabrication with welding. Welding could create high extra costs that do not decrease considerably through the duplication of the exact same part, not only does this take additional labor but also develops even more cost as the welding jigs made use of are usually more costly compared to the aluminum extrusion methods

Aluminum extrusion has additional benefits to the maker that aid with the issue of added expenses if using a sand or long-term mould spreading. The major benefit is that aluminum extrusion removes the need for additional work after it is taken from the die. Utilizing various other approaches produces a very harsh finish that requires sanding and also polishing prior to it being classified as finished. Aluminum extrusion generates an extremely smooth surface that does not call for any further finishing.

Aluminum extrusion is without a question one of the most cost effective and dependable methods of creating any kind of layout shape using aluminum without having to compromise on anything. It is a significant step for the market and it means that more intricate aluminum styles can be created with ease and also to the exact requirements of the designer. Up to now this many styles could not possibly be developed because of the restraints of the manufacturing procedure. Today this concept is unprecedented as a result of aluminum extrusion as well as every little thing from auto components to tubes can be custom made effortlessly as well as minimized expenses.

If you are seeking a cutting-edge firm that makes use of the really most recent aluminum extrusion procedures to fulfill their clients requires then check out our services section where you can see what aluminum extrusion could do for you as well as your company. Aluminum extrusion implies that a company no more has to be restricted by what the traditional methods of producing aluminum presented them with, now the only limitations are a developer’s creative imagination.

Safety Gloves

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Today, design and commercial advancement is a lifestyle for a majority of the globe’s population. Precautionary gear is constantly enhancing for construction and commercial employees. Among one of the most important advancements in safety devices for these workers is job-specific safety gloves.

Take a look at a few of the new kinds of gloves offered for various industries:

Non Reusable Gloves

Available in several sizes and densities, these gloves are typically found in the food service as well as clinical market. Polyethylene and vinyl gloves are typically utilized in food service industries, providing comfort as well as breathe-ability as a whole function applications, such as food handling. Latex gloves are generally found in the clinical sector, supplying security versus chemical handling and also the handling of acids and also caustics. Disposable gloves are additionally utilized in markets requiring metal therapy, paint and varnish production, petrochemical and also oil refining, the handling of rough castings as well as steel bars, the use of electronics, light setting up, evaluation and also quality assurance.

High Resistance Gloves

With an artificial leather palm as well as reinforced thumbs and also fingertips, these gloves are long lasting and also comfy. They can also be utilized in a selection of markets consisting of light demolition, landscaping, and product handling. High resistance gloves are additionally great for any type of job needing heavy device operation.

Cold Protection & Waterproof Gloves

These gloves come in various sizes and styles to fit different demands. They keep hands warm and comfortable and dry in inclement climate condition. Cold Condition Rubber gloves are perfect for the sea import and export sectors in addition to wintertime marine maintenance work, and also flight terminal trades.

Leather Welding Gloves

Welding gloves are used in welding and heat applications together with any other application calling for heat, flame, or spark safety. The initial step in picking the appropriate welding glove is learning the various kinds of heat source:

Radiant Heat is produced by the sunlight or any resource of fire.
Ambient heat is the surrounding climatic temperature.
Conduct heat is the direct touch with a hot surface area.

The next action is to think about the weight of products being handled, the temperature level, and also the time of exposure to the heat. It is essential to pick a welding glove that suits the demands of all the variables in consideration.

Cut Resistant Gloves

The name says it all. A bunch of markets need to use sharp objects, and these gloves are excellent for every one of them. High efficiency strings offer cut and also abrasion resistance, and also high efficiency threads additionally safeguard the hands when handling sharp items. Various material weights provide higher longevity and also extra dexterity where required. Some designs are dipped or covered with a polymer to give a much better hold and rise resilience. Common uses include, yet are not restricted to, cooking, glass and also steel handling, automobile work, as well as electronic components.

There are a lot more kinds and also designs of gloves offered. Though one of the most crucial safety and security tool you can have is understanding, job-specific gloves are the trick to hand protection. Consistently select a glove that suits your hands well and also supplies the very best defense for the work at hand.

Welding Safety

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Welding safety is at the center  of any project entailing an arc. Due to the intensity of light the arc gives off, as well as the severe temperature level it produces, it stands to factor that safeguarding stays the very first guideline of the day despite the nature of the job or the years of experience you have in the field. Futhermore, welding security includes greater than just protection from heat and light. A variety of other safety and security dangers deal with welders, and need additional gear to totally satisfy OSHA– and also sound judgment– safety and security demands. Red Hill Supply offer a comprehensive option of welding safety devices from leading makers of welding headgears, welding gloves, and welding goggles.

Welding headgears offer one of the most crucial element of defense by protecting the welder’s head and eyes from the brilliant light of the arc. We have a number of typical and also auto-darkening welder’s helmet in our  stock. We provide fix-front welding safety helmets in a number of shade choices and layouts. We also bring the more typical lift/fixed front combo safety helmets by essential manufacturers like Firepower and Eclipse. If you have a personal preference for brand-new innovation, or if your company needs the most up to date as well as greatest in welding safety, then we could suit your needs with high-grade auto darkening welding safety helmets. Geared up with modern technology that instantly dims the eye guard as soon as the arc lights, these user-friendly tools have already replaced conventional welding headgears in many companies. We currently provide the solar-powered designs, as these are not just much safer for the welder yet additionally work on a renewable energy resource.

Despite how safe your welding helmet is considered to be, it continues to be a good idea to double-guard the eyes with safety glasses while welding. Despite having the arc off, you could still be hurt by a multitude of devices and hazards on the job. Industrial welding commonly creates flying bits, chemicals, and vapors that can aggravate or seriously wound the eyes. No welding atmosphere is ever safe in this sense without countermeasures taken. House as well as farming settings show comparable risks to welders without safety glasses. Red Hill Supply not just recommends you double-guard your eyes, yet also supplies a few of the very best welders goggles and shatterproof glass you can find anywhere on the internet. Our safety glasses by UVEX deal protection from commercial, lab, and chemical hazards encountered daily by welders. Highly blemish immune, their capability to protect from laser light also makes them a valuable component to any kind of welder’s security package.

Welders additionally need to safely shield their hands, as well as welding gloves are usually required as safety and security equipment for welders in factories and design teams. Never ever eliminate your gloves while dealing with welding devices or while standing in an area where other welders are working. Even with the arc off, hot metal could still damage your hands, and flying particles could shed the hands much like they could damage the eyes. While regular safety and security gloves might make do for a welder in a pinch, we do not recommend you use standard gloves as an essential welding security device. Rather, we advise welders invest in gloves particularly developed for their trade.

Welding: A High Tech Skill

Welding is the well known skill of taking 2 items of metal and attaching them with each other in quite solid style. Most individuals have actually heard about it as well as comprehend at least the above idea yet don’t really recognize exactly how useful it is.

Welding is used in more than simply the steel building market. Anything steel that is developed from greater than one component has probably been welded. Points ranging from automobile body parts, to farm devices, to underwater oil well, to customized mufflers, to sculptures … et cetera. There are separate welding strategies for each application whether it be the type of joint you are forming or the type of metal you are working with. There is area welding, arc welding, stick welding, underwater welding, steel welding, aluminum welding, brass welding, copper welding, etc. You could bond huge rugged points like axle settings, or little fine components which need a panache. Basically in all industrial sectors and many others areas, there are applications for this high tech skill.

Welders are in demand and paid very well too. There typically aren’t sufficient welders for every one of the welding jobs that need to be done. And this is a universal phenomenon in every location geographically and in every area of business, in this nation and also throughout the globe. So whether you are a handyman, or hobbyist, or need a great job, welding is a fantastic ability to master. Welding courses are offered at most local and state colleges as well as occupation centres; also when you are certified and have people queueing up for you, you will certainly not regret it. You will definitely be on the way to improving your life, work, leisure activity– whatever– to a great degree!

Agriculture - Metal Working
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You should not get the incorrect idea though, attending one class isn’t really going to teach you every technique and there is so much to learn about the metals and chemistry involved. With years of experience comes perfection as well as confidence about choosing the best welding method. A good idea is to find a mentor that you could consult, find out methods from, bounce concerns off, and also obtain useful feedback from. This could be done on a personal level or even more quickly by checking out information written by master welders and directly contacting them.

So if you want to learn more about the many methods of welding, or start a new occupation and make your hobby more skilful, then you can register for a course, and spend a lot of time practicing welding as well as review all you can from popular authors.