You should pay close attention to this page as it will give you an idea of what types of services we offer and what our going rates per hour are. While our main focus is on the marine industries, including fishing, naval and oil/gas, we do take on clients from many other commercial industries both at sea and on land.



Our inspection team is highly trained and very efficient at planning and executing every project that comes out way. It is in our utmost interest to get the best possible service and get started as soon as possible.

We are specialized in marine vessels, single and double hulls, on and offshore pipelines and oilrigs. This gives us great opportunity to take on practically all projects.


Testing Methods

boat-repairsWe employ both nondestructive and destructive testing using the latest ultrasonic technology available. With our team’s extensive experience in metal work and welding we can guarantee that we will provide the best service on the market.

Some situations require the dismantling (destructive) methods, but we are able to fully restore and offer repair services for more extensive damage or issues.


Process Analysis and Training

If you offer extensive welding services and want to make sure that your staff are fully up to date with the latest procedures and technologies, then our training team can help out. We offer both onsite and lab based training by certified welding trainers.


For all pricing and a free quote please use the contact page and we will arrange for an immediate consultation.