What We Do

With over 25 years of experience in the welding inspection and nondestructive testing fields we pride ourselves in the excellence of service and the relationships we have built up over the years. The majority of our business comes through word of mouth, which says a lot about the satisfaction of our customers.

Our staff are fully trained and experienced in both the commercial and marine industries. Most of our business focuses on:

  • Welding inspection
  • Welding processes
  • Welding engineering
  • Underwater welding
  • Regulatory compliance
  • ISO standards consulting



We have strong ties to regulatory bodies in the entire Gulf Coast area and are able to give you advice on how to ensure that all your fleet and equipment is fully compliant. This alone has saved our clients significant amounts of money in fines and mandatory inspection downtime.

These days there is ever increasing scrutiny on environmental factors and because of the nature of many Gulf Coast marine industries (e.g. oil, gas, fishing) there can be serious consequences of non-compliance. We can provide full environmental impact studies for your projects and advise on where you can improve your processes, materials and techniques.


Process Improvement

welderBecause of our extensive experience in the welding industry we work with lots of pipe fitters and ironworkers to improve processes and productivity. We can even offer training to your staff specifically tailored to a job or project.


Nondestructive Testing

We are one of the most sought after service providers of nondestructive testing because of the extensive training that our welding engineers have gone through. This type of testing is essential in marine industries as well as offshore platforms and pipelines.

For example, we can have a team of welders fully equipped come to your site and boat location and do a full inspection of hull thickness using our high tech ultrasonic equipment. This equipment allows us to determine issues especially below the waterline, without having to dry-dock your boat.

Upon completion of inspection you will receive a full report outlining our findings as well as recommended improvements based on urgency. If you do not have a maintenance crew of your own we can immediately arrange for our own staff to start with the repair work, saving you the time to hire a separate company.

This is something that most of our clients appreciate the most, as it can often result in delays in getting an experienced company to be available at short notice.


Full Offshore Service

While we do service the entire Gulf coast area, most of our staff are located in Alabama. For all offshore work we are able to source our own transportation and can arrange to meet you at very short notice. For emergency situations or serious regulatory compliance issues we recommend contacting us through our contact page immediately.

With one of our specialties being underwater welding we are able to fix most issues immediately, or at least make a vessel safe in order to bring it back to port. All our welders have full and up to date welding certification, which means we are able to provide all the latest technologies available.